For each episode of Equal Parts an artist, illustrator, or designer has created a piece of original artwork. They worked from the audio alone, without any visual stimulus, listening to the story to create an artist’s impression of the couple, or a scene from the episode.

As every new episode is released, its paired artwork will be published here, alongside links to see more of the artist’s work.

Girl with the radio heart - sarah and dennis

“He told me later that he thought he had died and gone to heaven “ - Sarah

See more from Girl With The Radio Heart on Instagram or her portfolio.

Sarah & Dennis - GwtRH.jpg

chelsea waites - lucy & ellie

“I think we just didn't wanna go home… we wanted to stay out and be together” - Ellie

See more from Chelsea on her Instagram.


d l parker - Kristina & ilya

“I was the least shy person, so when we met in the middle of the maze, I just decided to kiss him” - Kristina

See more from D L Parker here.


Herfa Thompson - becky & jay

“My friend who was the landlord said to me, randomly, out of nowhere: ‘oh you’re going to marry that guy’” - Becky

See more from Herfa on Instagram.


sophie linney - duncan & anna

“He literally looked at me, I looked at him, and he says I kissed him, and I say he kissed me” - Anna

See more from Sophie on Instagram.

Daniel brown - liam & jess

“Oh my god, I’m completely falling apart in this date, I’ve not kept any interest at all” - Liam

See more from Daniel on Instagram.


Hannah Lyons - davide & nick

“It was silent and frosty, and we could see the snow-covered mountains of the Lake District in the distance… it was really quite something” - Nick

See more from Hannah: Instagram / Website



“I rang, actually rang her up, it was the first time I’d ever done that with a girl, and I was so nervous, so nervous” - Freddie

See more from Fran: Instagram / Website