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is a podcast series of true love stories about how people meet. From old school set-ups to chance encounters and online dating, each episode’s unique story is told by the couple themselves.


In a time marked by separation, Season 2 provides a welcome escape to scenes of lovers finding each other. As the weeks unfold, you’ll be transported across the world, from Nigeria to New Zealand, from Bali to Brazil, to dance, adventure, and fall in love under the stars.

An original piece of artwork accompanies each episode, created by a range of artists, illustrators, and designers. You can see these creations and find out who’s behind them here.


Listen to Equal Parts on Apple, Spotify, or really any other listening app.

      The Equal Parts logo was created by the wonderful Fran Marchesi of lettersandshapes

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is the creator, host, and producer of Equal Parts. A freelance writer and audio producer, she has worked for BBC 6 Music, Sparklab Productions, and Alcopop! Records. Currently she works as part of the editaudio team, and produces and co-hosts Hope This Finds Me Well.

Maria first dipped her toe into the podcast waters with Library of Things Podcast, a short-form series that told stories from a lending shop and the community it created in South London. Her shows have received praise from The Guardian, i, and The A.V. Club.